We are currently accepting applications for openings in January and September 2016.

To apply check out the information on our INFO|Resources page. If this seems like something you are interested in, send us an email using the form at the bottom of this page.  Tell us which campus you are interested in and a little about yourself.  We will then connect with you to set up a meeting.


The BC Initiative for Inclusive Post Secondary Education (BC-IPSE) supports students with developmental disabilities to access their local college or university, enrol in academic or vocational programs of their choice, engage in campus life through clubs, sports and campus activities and to find summer employment leading to the development of careers.

  1. Inclusive post secondary education is based on the assumptions that:
  1. Everyone has the desire and ability to learn; therefore, eligibility is open to anyone with a developmental disability who wants to learn regardless of level of cognitive capability, or any other disability related support requirements.
  2. The individual wants to pursue an education that is coherent with that of any student in a typical vocational, college or university program; that is in the same classes and in the same ways.
  3. The student and their families/support network, want to use this experience as a foundation for an inclusive life.
  4. STEPS Forward facilitators will provide the inclusion support required for the student to engage in campus activities, complete course material, and find employment. As non-crediting students, the students complete academic work to the level of their ability leading to a Certificate of Completion issued by the post-secondary institution.


Programs of study typically take 4-5 years to complete, but will vary according to the program requirements stipulated by each institution. For example a vocational program may take 16 weeks or a Childcare program 2 years.



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